Course Dinner in Australia

Tonight we had a course dinner for the students. The dinner was at TGI Fridays since it was close to where most of the students were staying.

TGI Fridays, Australia, Course DinnerOn the cover of the menus was a blurb saying that TGI Fridays was celebrating over 20 years in Australia. This made me think about how long ago it was when I first ate at a TGI Fridays. The first time I can remember was about 30 years ago in Irving, Texas.

I also thought about when TGI Fridays was founded. When I got back to the hotel I did some research and found that it was 50 years ago that the first location was opened in New York City.

Potato Skins, TGI Fridays, Loaded Skins, Potatoes, Bacon, CheeseOne of the appetizers that we ordered were Baked Potato Skins. I can remember having these the first time that I ate at a Fridays, so they brought back some good memories.

TGI Fridays, Mac N Cheese Bites, Comfort Food, AppetizersWe also tried the Mac N Cheese Bites. I was a little disappointed with them, but I was expecting a mac and cheese more like you get from Kraft. These just didn’t have that great cheesy taste.

Rib Eye Steak, TGI Fridays, Dinner, Course DinnerI had a rib eye steak for my dinner. I was not impressed with my dinner, but this is usually the case when I have a steak. I grew up in cattle country and have certain expectations for a steak that are rarely met.

Vanilla Ice Cream, Dessert, Simple DessertAt least my dessert was good. I asked for just two scoops of vanilla ice cream. I am usually not a big dessert person. Especially when desserts are usually very rich and also over-sized when you get them at a restaurant. I like the simplicity of just a few scoops of ice cream.

Click on Ice Cream to see some of the simple ice cream desserts I have had while wandering around the world.

Since the courses I am teaching are very short I will also be going to another course dinner later in the week. However, this time it will most likely  be at one of my favorite restaurants. We will see.


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2 Responses to Course Dinner in Australia

  1. Enjoy your next course dinner, or should I say, “next dinner course?”

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