Henry Doorly Zoo Tigers

Tonight I was busy watching the Royals win the World Series. This contributed to where my mind wandered tonight. I used to work part time for the Royals with their Triple A team in Omaha. That meant that I worked right next to the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Omaha Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo, Tiger Bite, Drunk Woman, Stupid PeopleThe Henry Doorly Zoo was in the news today. An intoxicated woman snuck into the zoo last night to pet a tiger.

Needless to say, the outcome was not good. The tiger bit the woman’s hand and she suffered severe trauma.

So, I decided that tonight I would share a few pictures that I took five years ago during a visit to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.

Omaha Zoo Tiger, Tiger, Tiger in CageCould you imagine sticking your hand into this cage to try and pet this tiger? Look at the size of the mouth on this tiger.

Tiger, Omaha Zoo, Henry Doorly Zoo, Tiger Bite, Tiger TongueI thought that this was an interesting picture. Look at the size of the tongue on this tiger.

My nephew was really excited to see the tigers. He is a big fan of the Missouri Tigers basketball team and was calling all of them Missouri Tigers.

Tiger, Tiger Stripes, Omaha Zoo, Henry DoorlyHere is a close-up view of a tiger. The fur does look really soft, but there is no way that I would put my hand through the bars of a cage to pet it.

I hope that the woman who was injured is OK and is that the injuries are not too bad. I also hope that the tiger is not punished in any way for biting the woman.

Beyond that I am going to take the advice of Forest Gump and not say anything more about people who do things like this.


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