Korean Food

Tonight I have been thinking about Korean food since I have been watching Korean TV shows recently that are centered on food. I just recently finished watching Pasta and have now started watching the show Kimchi Family.

Kimchi, Korean Cuisine, WoodpeckerThe show Pasta did not show many Korean dishes since it was set in an Italian restaurant, however it would occasionally show traditional Korean cuisine. However, Kimchi Family is full of images of traditional Korean food, especially kimchi.

The picture above shows a kimchi dish from a fast food Korean restaurant in Toronto. See Woodpecker Korean Food for more images from a meal that I had there.

Dak Galbi - Korean Food - Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken - Lunch in SeoulHere is a dish called dak galbi that I enjoyed while I was teaching a course in Seoul. You can learn more about this dish in my post A Little Seoul Food.

Korean BBQ - Charcoal Grill - Meat on Grill - Korean FoodHere is a picture that I included in my post More Seoul Food. In this post I shared pictures from when we had Korean BBQ.

Plan B, Restaurant, Italian Food, Seoul, South Korea, PizzaI  have been to an Italian restaurant in Seoul, but one that was not as fancy as the restaurant in the show Pasta. You can visit my post Plan B to see the food that we had there.

The next time that I go to Seoul I would like to visit the restaurant where they filmed Pasta. It is a bit far from where I stay when I go to Seoul, so I would need to convince one my students to take me there.

Seafood Noodles - Spicy Soup - Soup in Korea - Asian Food - Seafood SoupSince my typical post has five pictures, here is one more picture of Korean food. This is a seafood noodle soup that I had for lunch one day in a restaurant near the office. It was a bit spicy which was perfectly fine with me 🙂

Now I am hungry for Korean food. I may have to go to a Korean restaurant sometime this week.



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2 Responses to Korean Food

  1. Anisa says:

    I love Korean food too. My favorite dish is bimibap

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