More Seoul Food

I warned you that the first part of my trip may be heavy on food posts. Work and eat are of course the main things that happen during a training trip :-).

Yesterday I shared information about the dak galbi that we had for lunch. I mentioned that I also had a good dinner.

For dinner last night we went to a restaurant that served Korean BBQ.

Korean BBQ - Small dishes - Korean Food - Charcoal BBQ - Side Dishes

The meal started with the waiter bringing a bunch of small dishes to the table. These are all items that complement the meat that will be on the charcoal BBQ.

Korean BBQ - Charcoal Grill - Meat on Grill - Korean Food

Next comes the large pot of hot charcoal and the grill that is place on top of it. The waitress started placing strips of meat and mushrooms on the grill. Also the small black bowl is filled with cheese that slowly melts.

Korean BBQ - Grilling meat - charcoal grill - Korean Food - grilled mushrooms

The waitress turned the meat and when it was done would move the meat to the side of the grill so that we could pick it up and eat it. I thought about taking pictures of the whole process, but it was more important to partake of the wonderful tasting beef instead. I have been to some Korean BBQ restaurants where you do your own cooking, but at this one they did the cooking for you.

Korean BBQ - Charcoal Grill - Baked Egg - Korean Soup - Korean Food

As the dinner progressed, more items starting showing up on the table. Here is a nice spicy soup with tofu and also a nice baked scrambled egg. They both complemented the meat that was being grilled. We also had some nice sweet pork and some ribs on the grill.

Korean BBQ - Small Dishes - meal finished - Korean Food - Remains of the Meal

Here is a shot of the small bowls near the end of the meal. You can see that they are slowly being emptied out. Also, some of them have been replaced or refilled several times.

One of the most interesting things about Korean food is the large number of small plates or containers that end up on the table. Today at lunch, our table was almost completely covered by plates and bowls. Maybe more on that later :-).

In any case the dinner last night was really good. It was also spent in good company which is a very important component of a meal.


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6 Responses to More Seoul Food

  1. You’re making my tummy grumble!

  2. Looks just absolutely delicious, Steven, And I love your title.

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