Remembering Glenda

This evening when I got home I received some sad news on Facebook. One of my friends who follows my blog passed away earlier today. My friend Glenda has commented many times on my posts, and I will really miss here kind thoughts.

I will also miss the many pictures that Glenda posted on her Facebook page. We shared many interests and I will miss her dearly.

I never met Glenda in person as she lives far away. However, we share quite a few mutual friends so the connection was close.

Tonight I will share a few pictures from posts that Glenda commented on as a way to remember her.

Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Australia, Fog, Rain ForestHere is a picture from my post Wednesday Wanderings V. This picture is from the Blue Mountains in Australia. After reading about my wandering thoughts Glenda commented:

You lead an interesting life!!!

Soba Noodles, Soba Soup, Noodles, slurping noodlesI wrote a post about a meal I had in Japan titled Slurping Soba. In the post I talked about how the Japanese will slurp their noodle soup. At the end of the post I asked the question: Do you slurp your noodles?

I really like the comment that Glenda made, it showed her fun side.

I like to slurp my noodles, but not in public 🙂

Cow Riding, Fun on the Farm, 1950's Farm SceneIn my post Fun on the Farm I shared a picture of my dad riding a cow.

At the end of the post I asked the question: Would you ride a cow?

The comment Glenda left is one of my favorites of the ones she left.

I have ridden cows before as we grew up on a farm.

absalom leeper, Blind, preacher, Old Picture, Mad as a hatterOne night I wrote a post called Overlooked Posts where I shared some of the posts that I thought had been overlooked by my readers.

Glenda left a comment that is very touching. Especially now as I will be missing her comments. Before I show her comment, I must give you an idea of how often she commented on my posts. I have written a little more than 1,200 posts and Glenda has commented on over 600 of them. I am a little misty as I write this post.

I love all your posts and photos, but sometimes don’t comment. Sorry …

Sea Gull at Cayucos, CaliforniaI will close the post with this picture from the first post that Glenda commented on. The picture is from a post titled A White Bird Flying which was about the book by Beth Streeter Aldrich.

This picture makes me think of the many nature pictures that Glenda shared on Facebook.

Here is the first comment that Glenda made:

Beautiful photo, excellent books! Thanks!!!!!!

I will definitely miss the comments by Glenda. They were usually short, but they always made me feel good. I appreciate every one of them, especially this evening as I have been reading back through them and having memories wander through my thoughts.


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3 Responses to Remembering Glenda

  1. Steven, my sincere condolences on the loss of your friend Glenda. Your tribute was tender and caring and showed just how special she was to you.

  2. Uncle Spike says:

    A loss is so often felt hardest for those we have never physically met. I think it’s down to the fact that we know enough to care, but not enough; resulting in feeling we (and the departed) were perhaps cheated of a friendship which never quite got off the ground. May Glenda join those other precious bloggers who now post in peace up there in the sky.

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