Restful Sunday

Today was a restful Sunday. It was nice to have a quiet day of rest after my Flight Delay yesterday.

Sunday Breakfast, Eggs, Ham, ToastI started out the day with a good breakfast of ham, eggs and toast.

Yellow Tree, Fall Color, Toronto, CanadaWhile waiting to leave for Sunday Morning services I took a picture out the window of a tree with beautiful fall color.

I was thinking back to a trip from a couple years ago and how small this same tree was at that time. See my post: Peekaboo Bird
Happy Thanksgiving, Chalk Art, Front Porch, Canadian ThanksgivingWe had a good worship service this morning, which included a sermon about thanksgiving, we then headed back to the house for lunch and then a lazy afternoon.

This morning I saw the chalk art that I had missed last night when I arrived after dark yesterday. Tomorrow will be a nice day as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Maple Leaf, Canadian Flag, Canadian ThanksgivingThanksgiving in October? Yes, because I am in Canada.

I am looking forward to seeing nice red maple leaves this week. The colors are starting to appear.

Purple Flowers, Flower Garden, Fall BloomsThere are still a lot of flowers around as well and I snapped this picture while spending some time on the front porch with my friend’s youngest daughter. We were watching lady bugs fly around and also testing out the new chalk tools that I brought for her.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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