Supermoon Eclipse

Social media has been full of references to the upcoming supermoon eclipse. I plan on watching the eclipse tomorrow if it is visible. The forecast is calling for partly cloudy and cloudy skies during the time of the eclipse.

Do you know what a supermoon is? Pre-Eclipse Full Moon - April Full Moon - Blood Moon PrequelA supermoon is actually not an Astronomical term. However, the accepted definition is that a supermoon is when the moon is within 90% of its closest approach. This can lead to three supermoons in a row in some cycles, so is it really a good definition?

I mentioned above that supermoon is not an Astronomical term. The Astronomical term is perigee-syzygy. The term supermoon was first used and defined by the astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. Just another variable to factor into their predictions and charts. Doesn’t a blood red supermoon sound ominous and shouldn’t it have an effect on you?

Blood Red Moon, Eclipse, tripod, Sony, ZeissIt just happens that this time the perigee-syzygy coincides with a lunar eclipse. I took the picture above last October. You can see more pictures from that eclipse in my post The Blood Red Moon II.

First Moon Photo, Henry Draper, First picture with telescope, Louis DaguerreI am thinking about how many people will be taking pictures of the moon on Sunday evening. I am sure that the number would be staggering if it could be determine.

Do you know when the first photo of the moon was taken? See my post First Photos to find out. The first photos of the moon were taken by the same man who took the first photo of a person’s face. His son was the first person to take pictures of the moon through a telescope.

Full Moon, Sony hand held camera, Zeiss Lens, EclipseWhile out walking tonight the moon looked a lot like this picture. A nice almost full moon. I enjoyed my long walk in the moon light. A lot of areas along the way were much better lit than usual.

Maybe you will see pictures of the eclipse tomorrow, but maybe not. It will depend on whether the clouds spoil my view.



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