First Photos

This evening I decided to look for inspiration for a post by looking through my Grandma’s Scrapbooks. I opened up the first one and after only a few pages I found something that caught my eye.

First Photo of Face, First Moon Photo, John William Draper, Early PhotographyI found a great little article about the first photos made of a face and of the moon.

First Photo of Face, John William Draper, Dauguerre, DauguerrotypeJohn William Draper was one of the pioneers of photography. He is credited with being the first photographer to take a picture of a face. Following the method developed by Louis Daguerre he made improvements that allowed him to take pictures that Daguerre did not think were possible.

The subject of one of the first photos of a face was John’s sister Dorothy Catherine Draper. His first photos were of an assistant, but they have not survived.

Draper also took pictures of the moon in 1840 and they were the first ones of an astronomical object.

First Moon Photo, Henry Draper, First picture with telescope, Louis Daguerre Draper involved his son Henry in making astronomical pictures. In 1864 Henry Draper took the first vivid picture of the moon using a telescope in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. You can see that there is a lot of detail in this early picture. Of course you have to remember that this was also printed in a newspaper about 50 years ago, so that reduces the quality of the image.

As I write this I now realize that the picture was taken 150 years ago.

Just Past Full Moon, Full Moon, Moon, Picture of Moon, SupermoonI took this picture of the moon last night using my digital camera and a tripod. It is amazing how much has changed in photography in the last 150 years.

I have seen some really nice pictures of the moon in the last week as again people are taking pictures of the latest super moon. I also posted some pictures of the Almost Full Moon last week.

I am struggling with my post this evening. WordPress has made a major change to the post editor and I don’t like it. I have lost some of the features that I use all the time.


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6 Responses to First Photos

  1. It is so irritating when WordPress make random changes without any pre-notification.

  2. We look forward to reading your posts every morning. Jimmy has really gotten the blogger bug and keeps coming up with things to post about. We are both WordPress novices and don!t know any other way to post without going to the dashboard. What are we missing?

  3. vanbraman says:

    There is a link in one of the drop down menus that used to go to the editor in the dashboard. The link changed to a different editor for a new post. Keep using what you are using. I enjoy your posts as well.

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