Tank Town II

Today I stopped by the Tracy Historical Museum to check out the annual model train exhibition that is put on by the European Train Enthusiasts.

Model Train Layout, HO Scale, European Train EnthusiastsThe Bay Area chapter of the European Train Enthusiasts have a modular model train layout that they display at different museums throughout the year.

I always enjoy visiting each year and watching the trains.

Modular Train Layout, European Train Enthusiasts, HO, Model Railroad.There are two modules on each end and three on each side along with four corner modules. The layout in Tracy is pretty much the same each year as it is far from where most of the members live.

Model Railroad, Corner Module, HO scaleThey did have some new corner modules that I have not seen before. I really like the bridges and tunnel on this corner module.

The modular concept it really interesting as they can either have large layouts or small layouts that use special turnaround end modules. They have a very large layout at the Blackhawk Museum near the end of each year.

Tracy Tank Town, Tracy, California, Model RailroadHaving the train layout at Tracy each year is special as Tracy was a railroad town or Tank Town. Click on the Tank Town link to see what I wrote two years ago.

Model Railroad, Model Buildings, HO Railroad, Tracy, California, MuseumI really like this module and it has been here each year that I have gone. I like the village church building which is representative of those found all over Europe. When I visit the model railroad I am swept away to Germany and memories of riding the rails there.


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