Railroad Town

This weekend I visited the Tracy Museum to see the annual model railroad display by the European Train Enthusiasts (ETE).

Tracy, California, Railroad Town, ETE, Train EnthusiastsThe Tracy museum is a good setting for the modular train layout to visit as the museum has a number of train related displays.

Throughout the history of Tracy is has been a railroad town.

Railroad Town, Tank Town, Tracy, California, trainsAs this little sign states: Tracy is a Railroad Town since it was founded in 1878.

ETE, European Train Enthusiasts, HO Railroad, Tracy, California, Tank TownIn this picture you can see the large mural that is in the museum that shows a scene from the olden days of railroads. You can also see the size of the modular train layout. I always enjoy visiting to see what new changes have been made to the modules, or if they have any that haven’t been shown in Tracy before.

Map of Tracy, Bowtie area, trains, train historyHere is a very old map of Tracy showing how different rail lines intersect in the downtown area. The area is known as the bow-tie area and there are still some remnants of the railroads there.

Tracy Museum, Railroad display, Railroad mapThis display case has some more rale related items including a Brakeman Light from 1946. In the background you can also see a map of Tracy when the railroad presence was much higher. There was a large switching yard in the bow-tie area.

Harvest of Progress - Statue - Tracy, California - Railroad and Farm - Railroad ConductorIn the middle of the bow-tie area there is a large sculpture of a rail man and a farmer. These are the two main historic jobs in Tracy. See my post: Harvest of Progress

I will get another chance to visit the museum on Saturday so will be able to watch more trains travel around the modular display.

Did you ever have a model train?


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3 Responses to Railroad Town

  1. Yes, an elaborate setup was constructed on a large piece of plywood elevated on sawhorses (with the help of my carpenter grandfather). My train engine had a headlight and put out smoke!

  2. Yes, I had a model train, and you put pellets in the stack, and it would puff white clouds of smoke, as it ran around the track!

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