Tracy Train Layout

For the next couple weeks there will be a European Model Train Exhibit at the Tracy Historical Museum. This train exhibit is an annual event and it is always interesting to see how it has changed.

European Model Train Enthusiasts, Tracy, California, Tracy MuseumOne of the first indications that it was time for the exhibit was a flier that I saw at the library. I took a picture to remind myself.

Model Trains, HO Scale, Tracy Train TownWhen I visited the museum yesterday I took a picture of a different flier they had posted on the door. It was this picture I looked at to find out the times they would be open today on Sunday. I got to the museum this afternoon and it was closed. If I would have looked at the first picture I posted I would have seen that it was not open today.

I found out the reason why. There was utility work being done a block away and the museum was without power. Playing back a conversation in my mind that I overhead on Saturday I realize that they were talking about being closed on Sunday.

So, I did not get to visit again today so instead went home and fell asleep watching football and woke up after 5:00 🙂

Model Trains, ETE, Modular LayoutOK, so my mind wandered about opening hours so back to the exhibit. The model train layout is modular. Individual members of the European Train Enthusiasts club make modules that can be connected together into a larger layout. They take the modules to different locations around the Bay Area throughout the year. Depending on the location there are more or less modules and different ones depending on what members live close to the exhibit.

Church module, ETE, Model TrainsThis module has been in Tracy almost every year, but that is OK as it is one of my favorites. I like the little church and the detail. It so reminds me of visiting Germany and traveling by train.

I know several of the members so it is always nice to stop by and have a chat. At one time I considered joining, but with my travel schedule it would have been difficult.

Circus Train, Krone Circus, Model RailroadOne of the members is working on a new module that includes a circus and also the train cars that transport the circus from location to location. He was testing out his train cars on the tracks. It is going to be really cool once he has created the new module. Hopefully it will be there next year.

I hope to visit the layout again next weekend.


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