Street Art in Jena

When I travel it is always interesting to see how much street art is in the cities I visit.

Jena, Germany, Wall ArtSometimes you have fascinating paintings like this that can show a city scene. In this case you can tell that this art is sponsored by the city. You can see a similar scene to this in my post Jena after Dark.

Jena Art, Wall Art, Graffiti,  Jena GermanyThis piece of art is on the wall in an alley between buildings. This looks to have some Mexican or Latin American influence. The painting is very well done.

This painting would have been perfect along the Streets of Coyoacan in Mexico City.

Jena Germany, Mural, Wall Art, AquariumThis wonderful mural is in another walkway. I really like the aquarium or sea scene that is shown here. The colors are vibrant and it looks peaceful.

Jena Wall Art, City Scene, Jena Germany, PaintingThis painting is on the end of a building and shows a simple city scene. It looks like it goes back in time to the Romantic time period, but the balloon is out of place.

Carl Zeiss, First Workshop, Old Photograph, Wall ArtThis picture was painted on the wall of a passageway at the spot where Carl Zeiss had his first workshop in Jena. The picture is from an actual photograph of the early employees of Carl Zeiss working in his workshop.

I like all of these pieces of Wall Art, but my favorite is the last one.

For an interesting contrast see my post Korean Street Art.


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