The Travel Formula

When I am packing for a trip I use The Packing Formula. However it is just a subset of the larger travel formula.

When preparing for a trip you often do the same tasks as on previous trips and it does become formulaic. You only need to set the inputs to find out how to get the outputs.

Getting ready for the trip involves several stages. In the early part of trip planning you make reservations, then in later stages you hurry to finish those last minute tasks like printing out itineraries to put in each of your bags.

This evening I have been slowly checking off tasks from the results of the travel formula.

Library Books, Newbery Books, Travel chores, Travel FormulaLibrary books have been returned to the library. You want to make sure that you are not racking up fines while you are away from home.

Washer, Laundry, Trip Prep, DryerOf course laundry is on the agenda. So far tonight I have put two loads through the washer and the first dryer load is almost finished. Then it will be time for folding which is not my favorite task.

Empty Suitcase, Packing, packing formula, Trip, TravelThen it is time to start applying The Packing Formula. I am usually a little ahead of this at this stage of trip preparation. My suitcase was completely empty. It is time to solve the formula and start filling it up.

Garbage Disposal, Leaking Garbage Disposal, dishwasher, Water WoesThere are several things that have slowed me down on my trip prep. One of them was stepping in water on my kitchen floor this morning. I had run a load of dishes in the dishwasher last night so was hoping that it wasn’t the dishwasher.  I investigated the source and found that I have a leaking garbage disposal. Luckily I can use the other side of the sink until I have time to get it fixed when I get back home. In the meantime I have a bucket under the garbage disposal just in case.

At least this is not as bad of a Water Woe as I had before a trip last year.

A new cell phone and an update to Windows 10 have also slowed down my trip prep. I am not sure yet what I think about the new Windows. I am definitely not happing with the new file navigation. Especially for pictures which is something that I work with a lot.

My computer is running a bit slow tonight. Perhaps it has something to do with the 5,000+ pictures I downloaded from the camera. They are all syncing to my backup drive.

Gas Tank, Fill er Up, Gas Purchase, Gas StationI also went to the bank after dropping off my books at the library. I always like to have emergency cash when I travel.

Then it was off to the gas station to fill up Old Blue’s tank. I always like to have a full tank before heading off to the airport. Then I have one less thing to worry about for a few days after I get home.

Hopefully this is not too fragmented. I had to write it quickly to get it finished before my posting deadline 🙂

I had the post almost completely written and then the page locked up and I lost my whole writeup. The second writeup is a bit more meandering than the first.

Now back to packing, I just heard the dryer stop.



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4 Responses to The Travel Formula

  1. Safe travels! We leave today for another adventure in Alaska, so we, too, have been applying our own “packing formula”. We have learned to travel light and restrict our luggage to one roll aboard and one carry on each. The biggest challenge is having what we need for unpredictable changes in the weather. Also, it’s hard to pack sweaters when it’s in the 90’s in Florida.

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