A Long Wednesday

Today has been a very long day, so I will mainly be sharing some previously posted pictures with a bit of commentary. See how my mind wanders 🙂

A little wordplay is in my post title as tonight we also had our Wednesday night class at the Long’s house. It is always a Long Wednesday when we meet at their house, but it also refers to a very busy day.

Golden Hills of the AltamontMy day started very early with my regular commute up and over the golden hills of the Altamont. I look at this picture and see that there have been many changes since I took this picture. All the windmills in this picture are now gone. They have all been decommissioned, and I think they may be replacing them with more modern ones. My daily trips over the Altamont will eventually find this out.

My day was full of meetings and finding out that I had to teach a course most of the day.

Clifford the Big Red Suitecase, Packing Formula, How to Pack a SuitcaseHowever, my mind was on preparing for my upcoming trip and starting to work out The Packing Formula.

Newbery Books, Library Books, Books to LibraryAlso, on how to pick up a new phone and a library book. I had planned on leaving work early since I had got to work early for a meeting.

I finally got out the door just in time to make it home through heavy traffic. I picked up the phone where it was being held for me at a FedEx office and made it to the library with about ten minutes to spare.

Then it was off to the Long’s while driving through smoke from a grass fire. There was also a wreck alongside the road with emergency crews that slowed me down.

Sunset, California, Patterson Hills, California sunsetThen it was finally back home to wrestle with the new phone. The sunset was nice, but unfortunately it was because of the smoke in the air. It looked similar to this sunset picture from earlier this year.

I am finally getting the phone figured out and it looks like I have most everything set up. I will find out tomorrow. The good thing is that all the apps on my old phone is still intact and I can use it as a wi-fi device on my trip, which is basically what the new phone will be used for while out of the country 🙂 The international plans are just too expensive.

Now to figure out how to synchronize the two phones with my computer and i-Pad.

Violet Flowers - Flower Centers - bee on flower - Hangzhou - West Lake - Chinese FlowersHow about a pretty flower picture? Just to think of something else other than phones.

However, it is back to packing tasks as I have many things left to do.





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