Packing Prep

Tonight I have been busy getting prepared for packing my suitcase tomorrow.

Packing prep is always important as I gather together things that must be taken on a trip.

Laundry, dryer, Packing prep, trip prepPacking prep also means laundry time. I have to make sure that all the clothes I need to take are ready to go. I also hate coming home to an already full laundry basket when I know that I will have a suitcase full of clothes to wash. I have most of the laundry done, but will have a small load to do tomorrow with some shirts that I wore this week and plan to wear next week.

Luggage Items, gifts, chalk, pop tarts, pencils, colorsI have been slowly placing some items on top of my suitcase over the last couple of weeks. I will be visiting friends and have a few items to take to their kids. I have had the chalk and colors for quite awhile. I hope their youngest daughter still likes to draw with chalk. It is a bit cold and wet in Toronto now, but come springtime I am sure that she will have a lot of fun writing on the sidewalk.Chalk Drawing, chalk board, colorful drawingYou also can see that I have already selected a few books for the trip. I have two Tolkien related books that I have been wanting to read. They are on the short list for this trip.

Boston Tea Party, Used Books, Manteca, CaliforniaAnother book I am considering is The Boston Tea Party by Benjamin Woods Labaree. I want to learn more about this historic event.

Jane on the Brain, Wendy Jones, Social Intelligence, Jane AustenI usually do not take library books with me on trips, but I think I will take Jane on the Brain: Exploring the Science of Social Intelligence with Jane Austen by Wendy Jones. I have started to read this, but have been sidetracked with novels that I am reading for several challenges. I usually read more non-fiction when I travel as it is easier to pick up and put down. With a novel it is easy to lose the thread of a story when reading in an unfamiliar environment or while waiting for things to happen.

This will be a short trip of only one week, but I will have a full suitcase as I have to take along some cold weather items. A bit of different inputs to The Travel Formula this time.

Now to empty the dryer and get some sleep.


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