The Sounds of a Storm

One of the things that I miss in California are the sounds that accompany Stormy Weather.

Tonight is different as a rare thunderstorm is rolling through town. Unfortunately, it is not very big and is not dropping a lot of rain. However, any bit of rain is welcome since we are in the middle of a drought.

I have been watching the weather and didn’t seen rain in the forecast this morning, but coming home from work tonight it was very cloudy and looked like there might be a chance for rain.

Baseball - Oakland A's - Baseball Stadium - Summer Pasttime - America's Favorite SportThe first indication I got that it might actually rain tonight was while watching the A’s game on TV. It was raining at the game.

A little later I checked on my computer and saw that a line of thunderstorms was headed our way.

Radar, California, Rain, Droght, ThunderstormsYou can tell by the radar picture that the storm cells are not very big, but they are thunderous. Every five minutes or so you hear a rumble of thunder.

I stood outside my front door for a while just listening to the sounds of the storm. The thunder is not the only sound that I miss about a good storm.

I could hear the trees soughing in the wind as the front moves through and the skittering of dry leaves as they are blown down the street. The soft patter of raindrops on the driveway and sidewalk, but unfortunately not the heavy rain that I would really like to hear.

Of course, there is also the smell of a storm. I love the smell of rain and it is a very welcome smell as we are very much in need of moisture.

The flash of light from the lightning is also nice to see. Of course, I tried to capture a picture, but no luck as the strikes are few and far between.

Minute Cast. Accuweather, rain, thunder, lightningThe MinuteCast from Accuweather is showing that we will get rain for most of the next two hours. I hope that we get some nice rain out of this storm. Not much so far at my house as two cells going through passed just north and south of me.

Another bright lightning flash and rolling thunder again.

MinuteCast, AccuWeather, California, DroughtHere is another look at the MinuteCast as it looks as maybe the next approaching line of storms is strengthening.

I may not be able to sleep very well tonight. Maybe I will just have to grab a good book and read until the storm passes through.

We have an outdoor event at work tomorrow, and I just looked at the forecast. It is predicted that we will have a 50% chance of a thunderstorm at the same time as the event. However, I would welcome the rain.

I guess I will have to sleep with my windows shut tonight.

Rain, Rain, Rain ……. Please…….



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