Carnival Games

Today at work we had a summer carnival.

Carnival, End of Summer, Carnival Games, Picnic, parking lot carnivalHere you can see our parking lot full of shades and tents. I should have spent more time under the shades or remembered to take sunscreen to work 🙂

We had hot dogs and nachos for lunch and also some assorted carnival treats like popcorn and cotton candy. Can you believe that I didn’t take any pictures of the food?

In the background of the picture you can see the crane for the East County Hall of Justice.

Carnival games, basketball, shooting hoops, tickets, midway gamesIn the red and white striped tents there were a series of carnival games that tested our skills. Our management team ran the games, so it was nice to interact with them in a different way.

This is one of the games that I didn’t do so well in. I did not make a single basket. I had to earn tickets somewhere else.

Ring Toss, Pop Bottles, Soda Bottles, Carnival GamesI did much better at the ring toss and pocketed a few tickets after playing a couple of games.

Dart Shooting, Dart Gun, Stacked Cans, Carnival Games, Midway GamesThis was the best game for me and where I won the most tickets. You had to shoot darts at the cans using a crossbow. After learning how the sights were set I was able to pick the cans off one by one.

Stand the Bottle, Carnival Game, Pop Bottle, Raise the bottleThis game was the hardest, and the last time I checked no one was able to complete the task. The object of the game is to get the bottle to stand up. I think that if it had been on a perfectly level surface I might have been able to do it, and others as well. However, it was a bit off level and the bottom of the bottle would roll downhill as you started to lift the bottle. Even if it had been level in one direction it would have maybe been enough.

Here my friend Mike is doing his best to get the bottle to stabilize so he could lift it with just the right amount of speed to get it to stand up but not flip on over.

We could turn in the tickets that we won for prizes, but the prize selection was not the best. I imagine that it would have been just about right for a grade school carnival. I didn’t have enough tickets for anything more that a few pieces of candy, so gave them away to some friends.

Hmm, I may have to put together a pole with a ring on a string and see if I can get a pop bottle to stand up 🙂

What is your favorite carnival game?


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