Welcome Rain

Today we got some much needed rain. Of course going out to pick up the newspaper in a downpour and slogging through commute traffic was not fun.

We really need rain as we are in the middle of a drought with stricter water restrictions on the horizon.

Rainbow, Rain Clouds, Spring Rain, Altamont HillsThe rain had passed through by the time to go home, and that made for a beautiful drive home.

As I approached the Altamont I spotted a rainbow off to the side. I grabbed my camera and took a quick snap while keeping my eyes on the road.

Rainbow, Rain, California Spring, Traffic, CommuteJust a minute later I was sitting under an overpass in stalled traffic so I decided to take another picture. I found out about ten minutes later, when I was a mile down the road, that a pickup truck had stalled out on the Altamont. The good part was that from that point on there was hardly any traffic 🙂

Storm Clouds, California Storm, Rain Clouds, Droubt reliefThe cloudy sky ahead was very beautiful and you could see places where it was still raining and also clouds that were still full of moisture. Hopefully they carried on to the Sierras and added to the snow pack.

Rain clouds, Stormy weather, droubt, CaliforniaThe sky ahead was dark and I wondered if I would run into rain by the time I got home.

Rainbow, Rain Storm, California Drought, Spring Rain ShowersAs I made the turnoff into town I looked to the left and there was a faint rainbow. If you look closely you can also see a bird flying.

When I got home I could tell that it had recently rained, but not as hard as it did last September when I wrote the post: Stormy Weather

We should get another shower in about a half hour, but then rain is not in the forecast again until the end of next week.

I am just glad that we are getting a bit of welcome rain.





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