Paddling across Missouri

No, I am not in a boat paddling across Missouri, but my brother is.

My brother Gary is participating in the Missouri American River MR340.

The race starts in Kansas City and ends 340 miles later in Saint Charles, Missouri.

Missouri River 340, Canoeing, Water Race, Missouri RiverMy brother and his friends Greg and David are competing in the Team (3-4) category. Missouri River Boat Race, MR 340, Bridge, SelfieHere is an in-boat view of the team paddling down the Missouri River.

Team Logo, Dogaobah Swamp Paddlers, Paddle You Will, YodaTheir team name is Dagobah Swamp Paddlers. If you like Star Wars, get this you will.

Jefferson City, MR340, Paddle Race, Missouri River, Missouri CapitolHere they are paddling by the Capitol building in Jefferson City. Several of my family members were watching for them to pass and were cheering them on.

I looked at the standings tonight and they are currently 5th place in their category and in the top 40 overall. They checked in at Hermann within the last hour and it looks like they might take a rest before getting back in the water for the last two stages of the race.

I have asked my brother to send me some pictures and a write up after the race, so you might see a follow up post in the near future. He is very adventurous and I may just have to share more of his exploits in the future. You may remember my post A Wedding in the Wilderness, that was one of his adventures πŸ™‚




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5 Responses to Paddling across Missouri

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  3. kayakyrstin says:

    Looks like fun! That’s a solid amount of Milage πŸ™‚

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