Camels Near the Dead Sea

Tonight I have been thinking about some pictures that I took of camels while we were near the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea, Camel, Ship of the desert, IsraelAfter our two weeks at the dig we headed toward the Dead Sea to visit several places. We stopped for water and Magnum Bars at a gas station just before we reached the Dead Sea and there I saw a couple of camels.

There were several men with the camels and they were selling camel rides.

Camel, Israel, Dead Sea, Camel RidesHere you can see the negotiations taking place for a camel ride. You can tell from the landscape that this is the Dead Sea area, but if you are not familiar with the landscape you can look at the writing on the pillar.

Camel Ride, Dead Sea Area, Gas Station, Lowest Place on EarthHere we have another couple that are taking a camel ride. The picture turned out pretty good considering we were quickly picking up speed as we sped off down the highway.

Camels, Arad, Beersheba, Israel, Camels along Highway, Camel HerdAfter spending a night at Arad and visiting the the nearby tel of Arad we headed on toward Beersheba. Along the way we saw a herd of camels along the roadside.

I counted twelve camels in this picture. I am glad that they were on the other side of the guard rail as we were moving along at a good speed.

Camels, Arad to Beersheba, Israel, Dead Sea AreaHere is a little closer view of three of the camels. The two in the ditch look like they were keeping an eye on the traffic.

You can see that there is not much vegetation along the way, but they were able to at least find something to feed on.

This post makes me think of some of the other posts I have written about camels:

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