Early Digital Days

Tonight for some reason I am thinking about pictures that I have taken a long time ago. Perhaps it is because I have see a couple Throw Back Thursday posts.

In any case, I thought I would share some pictures taken with my first digital camera. My first digital camera was a Sony that stored pictures on floppy disks. I had it for a long time and took many pictures with it.

Early Digital Pictures, Sony Floppy Disk Camera, SelfieAt the time I lived in Missouri and had turned in Holiday Inn points for the camera. Once the camera arrived I was playing with it and discovered the timer feature and took a few selfies by placing the camera across the room and hurrying back into place with the timer running. You can see that I was a bit younger in this picture.

Watermelon Art, China, Shanghai, Food Art, Chinese FoodOne of my first trips with the camera was to Shanghai. I took some interesting pictures of the food that we ate, including this really cool piece of watermelon art. If I remember right the watermelon was filled with a delicious fish soup.

Shanghai Circus - Acrobatic Show - Acrobats - Shanhai Huxi Theater - Shanghai, ChinaWe also visited a Chinese Circus while in Shanghai. Click on the link in the previous sentence to see a few more pictures from the circus.

Early Digital Pictures, Alcatraz, The Rock, San FranciscoA month later I was back in San Francisco and took this picture of Alcatraz while showing a friend around the city. I should compare this to a later one with a much better camera 🙂

Bubba Gumps Seafood, San Francisco, Food, Forrest Gump ShoesHere I am sitting in front of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co in San Francisco. I am trying to remember if this is where we ate dinner. I have not eaten there in years. Before I moved to California I would often visit downtown San Francisco, now that I live close I rarely go into the city.

I hope that you enjoyed this look back at low resolution, blurry pictures 🙂


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