Family Friends VI

Tonight I am saddened as another long time family friend has passed away. Earlier today I learned from my Mother that one of the members of the congregation where my Father preaches had passed away.

Sharon, Family Friend, Sharon Pinet, RosesSharon Pinet Diehl Dickson had been fighting cancer for many years. Recently she has been home bound and my parents would visit here every Sunday when they were home.

Sharon was also a loyal reader of my blog and had it set as her homepage so that whenever she started up her computer she would see my current post. She would talk to my parents about my latest wanderings. Previous to my blog she had always enjoyed my Picture of the Day on Facebook.

She always enjoyed my flower pictures. I like the picture above that I saved from her Facebook page as she is posing with roses.

Sharon Pinet Diehl Dickson, Family Friend, MemoriesI have known Sharon for a very long time, and cannot pinpoint exactly when I met her, but it was probably while my Grandfather was preaching at the little country church where she attended all her life. I have also known some of the members of her extended family since I was in Grade School.

Fairview Church of Christ - Linn, Missouri - Religion in Family History - Country ChurchHere is the little country church at Fairview, Missouri. For a short time back in the early 90’s I lived in the parsonage while between jobs and helped my Grandfather with the church. I was also the caretaker of the cemetery where Sharon will be buried later this week. I will always remember reading the names on the stones while I was mowing. Many of the stones were for members of Sharon’s extended family of Pinets and Mantles. You may have heard of Sharon’s second cousin Mickey.

I got to know Sharon during the time I lived there and will always have great memories of her.

Update: On August 2nd, Sharon’s aunt Luella Mantle Pinet passed away at the age of 104. She was also a member of Fairview Church of Christ.


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