Delicious Peaches

Today I had a delicious peach for an afternoon snack. After helping my friend Dave with some chores we picked some fresh peaches from one of the fruit trees at the orchard.

Peach Blossoms - Century Old Peach Tree - Peach Tree - Pink BlossomsHere is the peach tree in spring when it was full of blossoms. You could see the promise of future fruit.

Peach Blossoms - Bees - Pollination - Peach Tree - OrchardOf course when you have blossoms you also have bees to pollinate them. An essential recipe if you want to have fruit.

Peach Tree - Immature Peaches - Peaches growing - peach fuz - OrchardSoon there were little peaches starting to form. In order to get nice large pieces of fruit they were thinned out. Dave said that he probably removed more than half of the little peaches.

Large Peaches, Peach Tree, Harvest Time, Golden Peaches, Fresh FruitHere you can see how big the peaches are on the tree. They are a really nice size and much larger than they were last year.

Peach on Tree, Peach Tree, Ripe Peach, Delicious PeachHere is a close up of one of the peaches. Doesn’t it look delicious?

We took the ones we picked inside and washed them before enjoying the wonderful juicy fruit.

I had planned on showing pictures of the inside of the beautiful peaches, but the pictures didn’t come out. I was much more focused on the taste of the delicious fruit instead of taking focused pictures.

Now I am hungry and need a snack before bed šŸ™‚


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