Flowers at the Dig

My regular readers know that I like to take pictures of flowers. Tonight I thought that I would share some of the flowers that were growing on the tel at Lachish.

I do not know the names of any of these flowers and do not have time to research them tonight. They are all wildflowers as the only landscaping done at the tel is done by archaeologists cleaning up their squares at the beginning of the season.

Blue Flower, Tel Lachish, Archaeology, wildflowersI walked by a bush full of these little blue flowers on the way up and down the tel every day. I just had to stop and take a picture of one of the delicate little blooms.

White Flowers, Tel Lachish, Archaeology, wild flowersThere were also patches of these little white flowers with yellow centers. They added a little bit of color to a drab landscape.

Flowers on the tel, archaeology, dig season, flowersThere were also several patches of these beautiful flowers. I like the purple and white colors. They were usually wilted, but in the mornings would look a bit nicer.

Tel Lachish, Israel, wild flowers, pink flowersThese pink flowers were growing through a rolled up section of fencing and were right near our square. They were a welcome spot of color.

Yellow Flowers, Lachish, Israel, Archaeological DigThis is an interesting picture as it shows both new blooms and also older dried out blooms. I am sure that at the end of the rainy season there would have been a lot more color, but in the middle of the dry season it was not too colorful.

yellow blooms, flowers, dig, tel Lachish, Israel, wild flowersI like the little bit of red with these yellow blooms. All of the flowers at the tel were small, but that is usually the case in the dry season wherever you go around the world. You need a lot of water to support larger flowers.


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