East County Hall of Justice

Just north of our office construction has started on the new East County Hall of Justice.

Caterpillar Graders, Construction Project, Earth Movers, GradingConstruction started last October with grading and utility work. See my post: Earth Movers Then and Now

There was a lot of visible progress in the beginning, but then it seemed like not much was happening.

East County Hall of Justice, Alameda county, California, Court House, ConstructionHowever when I got home last week and returned to the office this is what I saw.

The structure is starting to rise. I took this picture in the afternoon after work was done for the day.

Construction Work, Crane, Alameda County East Hall of Justice, Steel StructureThis is definitely a big crane. The crane is from Bigge Crane and Rigging. I was planning on getting a picture of the crane in action, but when I have taken an afternoon walk it has been out of action for the day. I need to take a morning walk instead.

East County Hall of Justice, Bigge Crane and Rigging, Alameda County, Steel ErectionHere is a picture that I took this afternoon. You can see that a bit of progress has been made since last week.

Steel Erection, East County Hall of Justice, Alamed County California, ConstructionI will have to start taking a walk everyday to take pictures of the progress. I always enjoy watching the progress of construction.

I will give more information about the structure in the future. I have seen renderings of what the building will look like and it is quite an impressive structure.

Look for more pictures in the future.


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