Sea to Sea II

My post tonight is similar to a post that I made back in September 2012. However, in this case my starting point was Ashkelon instead of Netanya.

See: Sea to Sea

Ashkelon, Leonardo Hotel, Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee, IsraelWe started the day in Ashkelon. Here is the view out of my window. You can see the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Bet Guvrin, Maresha, Roman Amphitheater.

Our first stop of the day was at Bet Guvrin to see the ruins of a Roman amphitheater.  I had only seen this site from the  outside, so it was  nice to see the actual site.

Elah Valley, Samson and Goliath, Brook of ElahWe also stopped in the Elah Valley where the Philistines battled with the Israelites when Goliath was killed. This is where part of the battle most likely took place. Today it is a melon patch.

Biblical Gat, Tell Tsafit, Excavation, Archaeology, Goliath of Gath

We then went down and visited Tel Tsafit or Biblical Gath. We had hoped to meet up with the dig team there, but they were not digging today. Instead they were visiting our dig at Lachish, where we weren’t.

We also stopped by Beit Shemesh before stopping for lunch.
Tel Afeq, Antipatris, Paul, Fortress, CardoIn the afternoon we stopped at the Yarkon National Park. The park is home to Tel Afeq which is also the location of Antipatris. The picture above shows street stones in the cardo area of Antipatris. It is likely that Paul may have entered the city on this street when he was brought there for safekeeping.

We then headed toward the Sea of Galilee, but did make a short stop at Tel Jezreel along the way.

Tiberias, Sea of Galilee, Night Lights, Sea to SeaAfter arriving at our hostel and having dinner, we went out and soaked away more of the dirt of Lachish by wading out into the Sea of Galilee.

As we headed back to our rooms I took this picture of Tiberias. You can see the beautiful night lights of the city.


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