Dig Packing

I am in the process of applying The Packing Formula for my upcoming trip to the dig at Lachish.

The entries for the formula are very different than for my normal business trips, so it is a bit more complicated.

There are definitely some new items that I purchased specifically for this trip and there are other items that need to be packed differently.

Prescription sunglasses, sunglasses, Outdoor work, travelThe first item is really not a problem when it comes to packing. It will simply go in my carry-on bag. When I had my annual eye checkup my doctor recommended that I get prescription sunglasses since my vision had not changed. Especially when I let him know I was going on the dig and would be outdoors a lot this summer.Dig Boots, Lachish, steel toed boots, work boots, wolverineI did buy a pair of work boots specifically to wear on the dig. I have been breaking them in over the last couple of weeks. They are steel toed just in case I drop a stone on my foot. These are a bit of a dilemma when it comes to the packing formula. They are bulky and heavy. For the trip over I am going to just wear them. They come off and on fairly easy, so shouldn’t be a problem with going through security.

Water Shoes, Sea of Galillee, Dead Sea, Jerusalem Water SystemI also bought a pair of water shoes for the trip. We will be at the Dead Sea, Sea or Galilee and also walking through the old water tunnels below Jerusalem. A must have for the trip. Luckily they don’t take up too much room.

Water Bottle, Whole Foods, Dig, ArchaeologyI also needed a water bottle for when we are sightseeing so I happened across this one that I got as part of a health fair at work a couple years ago. It is ironic that we just had a Whole Foods Market open near our office. This will probably go in my suitcase, but could end up in my backpack or carry-on.

Dig Hat, Wide Brimmed Hat, Sunny Work, Outside WorkThis new item is definitely a must for the dig. I mentioned in my previous post about Manteca Book Acquisitions that I had bought something for the trip at Bass Pro. This is the item that I bought that day.

When you are working outside you definitely need a wide brim hat to keep the sun off of your face, ears and neck. I think that this will go in the suitcase for the trip over.

Composition Books, Notes, Note taking, Archaeological DigI am also taking a few composition books. The big one is mostly for taking notes during the afternoon lectures and the small ones are to keep track of what pictures I take and the places that we go to. These will be in my backpack.

Flat Stanley, Seven Continents, Niece, School ProjectI also had to move a very important piece of paper from my work bag to my backpack. This is a copy of the Flat Stanley doll that my niece sent me when she was in grade school. Before I sent the doll back to her I made a copy and continued to carry it with me. This Flat Stanley doll has traveled to all seven continents. My niece is now a student at Nebraska University, so you can get an idea of how long it has traveled with me.

Travel Tokens, Grandparents, Dog that traveledI also carry an item from each of my grandparents when I travel. These also got transferred to my backpack. I will share more about these items someday, but for now I will only share a picture.

Now to get everything packed away properly. It is now a Geometry problem.


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