Around the Yard II

Tonight I will share a few pictures of flowers from Around the Yard.

St. Patrick Rose, Rose Bush, Rose Bloom, Green Tinted RoseMy roses are blooming very nicely and this morning I took a picture of one very nice bloom on my St. Patrick rose bush.

I really like the green tint to the outer petals.

As I took the picture I thought of showing it to a friend at work. My friend often asks me to if I cut them and take them inside and I always say that I like to enjoy them in their natural surroundings.

St. Patrick Rose, Rose Bloom, Pretty VaseI decided that today I would take her a rose. She always has flowers at the office and even has a collection of vases in her cubicle, so she quickly found one to put it in.

The vase that she chose was very pretty and really makes the rose look nice.

St. Patrick Rose, Vase, Colorful Vase, Rose BloomHere is another view that focuses more on the rose bloom instead of the vase.

She was very thankful for the rose as she currently doesn’t have any rose bushes due to a remodeling project. She is working with her husband on choosing what new rose bushes to put in. They are making some great choices.

Agapanthus Bloom, Agapanthus, Lily of the NileTonight I took a beautiful picture of one of my Agapanthus blooms while taking a little break from mowing the yard. The agapanthus has been slowly flowering and I will probably miss the peak bloom stage.

Agapanthus, Blooms, Flowers, Lily of the NileMy agapanthus has about 15-20 blooms on it this year. I will probably need to divide it this fall as it is really getting large.

I can just imagine what this will look like when I get home from Lachish.

I know that the lawn will be in need of mowing, even though I have reduced watering to the bare minimum to keep my flowers and grass alive.

Which do you like better, the rose or the agapanthus?



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