Wednesday at Dusk

Dusk is sometimes one of my favorite times of day. The sun has set and the sky may still have some color and everything is slowly blurring as the light diminishes.

Our eyes are switching from photopic to scotopic vision, our pupils are opening wider and we lose that sharpness of vision that we have in the daytime.

Tonight I will share a few pictures taken during that transition time.

Dusk, Sunset, Colorful sky, orchard, grapevines, walnut treesHere we see the colorful sky in the distance as the sky reflects the last rays of the sun. You can also see some trees silhouetted on the horizon. In the foreground are some grapevines and then the trees of a new orchard.

dusk, cherries, orchard, cherry orchard, duskWithout much light the picture here is out of focus, but the neighboring cherry orchard was full of slowly ripening cherries.

Walnuts, Walnut Orchard, Young Orchard, Orchard at DuskHere are some walnuts that are starting to grow. The walnut orchard where I was is a young orchard and isn’t expected to have many walnuts this year.

Woodpile at dusk, Red Shed, Dusk, WoodpileEven a woodpile has soft edges at dusk. I need to get a picture of this when it is nice and sunny, then the color contrasts will pop.

Irrigation channel, Ag Country, Orchard Country, Agriculture, Water, droughtAs I headed home dusk was deepening, but an irrigation channel was still reflecting some of the remaining light.

I think I need to take more walks at dusk.


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