Historic Book Acquisitions II

Tonight I will share with you more of my Historic Book Acquisitions.

I am always on the lookout for books about historic events or people. The first section of the library book sale that I check out is usually the History section.

Patrick Gass, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Carol Lynn MacGregor, JournalsToday I picked up The Journals of Patrick Gass. The journals are edited and annotated by Carol Lynn MacGregor.

Patrick Gass was a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. I am looking forward to reading this book someday and learning more about the expedition from the view of one of the members.

The Story of Liberty, Charles C. Coffin, Magna Carta, Pilgrims, LibertyA couple of weeks ago I picked up The Story of Liberty by Charles C. Coffin. When I first looked at the cover I thought that the book would be about the Plymouth Plantation and the Pilgrims.

However as I opened the book I found that it covered 500 years of history starting with King John and the Magna Charta and ending with the Pilgrim migration to Plymouth Plantation.

The book was originally published in 1879. A new edition was published in 1987 in an effort to once again bring notice to events that have been edited out of or minimized in recent History texts.

George Washington, Benedict Arnold, The Tale of Two Patriots, Dave R. Palmer, West PointI have had this book for several months now, and it is the only one of the four that I have read. I picked this book up at Half Price Books, which is another of my sources for used books.

George Washington and Benedict Arnold: A Tale of Two Patriots by Dave R. Palmer was definitely a good acquisition. It is source material for a post that I plan to write in the future on Revolutionary Generals. Recently I have been reading books about George Washington, Benedict Arnold and Nathanael Greene.

I am related to both Benedict Arnold and Nathanael Greene through the same branch of my family. Benedict Arnold and Nathanael Greene were both third cousins of my 6th Great Grandmother Sarah Greene who married Captain John Rhodes.

Benedict Arnold in the Company of Heroes, Arthur S. Lefkowitz, Patriots, Canada, Revolutionary WarI also picked up Benedict Arnold in the Company of Heroes by Arthur S. Lefkowitz at Half Price Books. This book  is about the expedition to Canada that was led by Benedict Arnold.

This book brings back memories of reading Arundel by Kenneth Roberts when I was in high school. They both cover the Battle of Quebec. Kenneth Roberts also wrote Rabble in Arms which covers the Battle of Saratoga in which Benedict Arnold played a major part.

Now to get reading 🙂




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