A Walk with Tarragon

This afternoon I took a walk with my favorite cat Tarragon.

I always like visiting my friends at the orchard as I usually get to see Tarragon. Since I don’t have pets of my own I enjoy the company of my friends pets.

Cat, Barn Cat, Tarragon, Walk in OrchardHere we are on the porch getting ready for our walk. I have my camera ready and am on a mission to take pictures of a new nesting box that has been installed. See my post: Even More Birds

Farm Cat, Barn Cat, Orchard, Tarragon, Sunday Afternoon WalkHere is Tarragon following behind me as we walk through the orchard. I like to watch a cat walk, they have a very unique gate and seem to just slink along.

Nesting Box, Rodent Controll, Orchard, Barn Owl Nesting BoxHere is my target. My friend David has installed his first nesting box. The nesting box is for Barn Owls that will help keep rodents under control in the orchard. There is a picture of a Barn Owl in my Owls post.

Orchard, Barn, Cloudy Day, Overcast Day, Sunday Afternoon WalkHere is a view back toward the barn from the nesting box. If you look closely you can see Tarragon on the path. Tarragon did not follow me all the way to the nesting box, but instead took a seat to wait for my return.

Tarragon, Cat, Barn Cat, Afternoon WalkHere we are ready to head back toward the barn. Tarragon was glad to see me coming back and fell in with me for the walk back.

Tarrago the Cat, Orchard, Orchard in Winter, Nesting BoxHere we are back at the end of the row. You can see Tarragon following me in the foreground and you can barely see the nesting box in the distance. I really like the green grass growing down the middle of the rows of trees. The grass in winter can be so pretty.

Although it was not a long walk, it was nice to have a companion. The Barnyard Dog was also with us for a short part of the walk, but was soon off chasing birds.

After a disappointing result of the football game we watched, it was nice to get out for some exercise and some fresh air.


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4 Responses to A Walk with Tarragon

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    That’s a small lion!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Beautiful cat!!!

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