Almost Full Moon

Tonight there is an almost full moon. My calendar says that the full moon is on Sunday, but it is almost there.

I decided to open up the tripod that I purchased recently and try it out. I had been wanting a tripod for some time and never got around to buying one. I would always think about it when I needed one and then never follow through with the thought.

One time that I wished I had one was during the last eclipse.

Pre-Eclipse Full Moon - April Full Moon - Blood Moon PrequelThis is from my post Eclipse Practice and was taken with the camera just held in my hand. I had some halfway decent pictures of the eclipse in my post The Blood Red Moon, but they would have definitely been better with a tripod.

I also think of a tripod when I take Fireworks pictures. Now I have one for next time 🙂

Tonight I tried different exposure settings to try and get a nice clear picture of the moon. You must remember that I only have a Small Camera. I also don’t know much about exposure times, F-stops, etc.. I am learning.

Moon Picture, 1/800 exposure time, tripod, cratersI took this picture with the exposure set at 1/800 with an F-stop of 4.9. The picture is pretty clear and you can see some detail in the craters.

Almost Full Moon, 1/2000 Exposure, F-Stop 4.9, Tripod PracticeThis one is with an exposure time of 1/2000. I can tell that it is much darker since the sensor did not have as much time to gather light. However, it is still mostly in focus.

Full Moon, 1/320 Exposure, Camera Practice, Night Sky I think that this is the best one that I took tonight. The exposure time is a little longer at 1/320 and you can definitely see more detail. I guess it is not too bad as I only have an 8x mechanical zoom.

Now to figure out what to test the tripod with next. Maybe some more Night Sky pictures.



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6 Responses to Almost Full Moon

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    I think those are all pretty awesome Steven. August 11th is the next Super Moon.

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Good shots!!

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