Saturday Wanderings III

I thought about using Pi Day Wanderings for the title of this post, but decided to just add it to my series of Saturday Wanderings posts.

Today was Pi Day and you can see the post for this year by clicking here.

War of 1812, George S. May, Battle of Mackinac, Mackinac IslandI started my wanderings today by going to the library. I had to take back a few books, but I also picked up a few more History books at the used book sale.

This book looked interesting. I plan on learning more about the War of 1812 in the future. The United Sates and Great Britain at Mackinac, 1812-185 by George S. May will provide me with some good information.

I also picked up a couple of books about Gettysburg. Someday I want to visit the cemetery and battlefield at Gettysburg.

Pi Day, Pepperoni Pizza, Pizza PieI then went to Target. Instead of getting my normal Saturday hot dog at the food court I went with my first pie of the day. I had a little Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza Pie.

Hiking Boots, Dig Boots, Wolverine BootsWhile at the mall I also bought a pair of hiking boots to wear on the dig this summer. I need to get them worn in before the trip. Maybe I will wear them to church services tomorrow :-).

First Rose, Rose Bush, Yellow Rose, Aphids, FloribundaI also did a little bit of work in my yard and took a picture of the first rose on my yellow floribunda bush. I notice that I have a lot of aphids on my roses. I may need to go get some ladybugs to help control them.

Marie Callendars, Chicken Pot Pie, Savory Pie, Pi DayFor dinner it was time for more pie. This time a nice savory Chicken Pot Pie from Marie Callender’s.

While the pie was cooking I started to watch the movie that I mentioned in my post yesterday. I had to figure out how to get my DVD player to work with my new TV though. It has been awhile since I watched a DVD and I had not hooked it up when I bought the new TV.

Apple Pie, Banquet, Pi DayWhile eating my dinner I heated up my third pie of the day in the oven. I just had to have some Apple Pie for dessert to finish off Pi Day.

Three pies and a movie with Einstein in it. A good way to spend Pi Day and Einstein’s birthday.


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