2015 Calendars

I am a little late writing my yearly calendar post, but I was also a little late getting my calendars. See Calendar Day and 2014 Calendars for previous years.

There are actually two reasons for my calendars arriving late. The first was totally in my control as I simply did not get around to ordering them.

Calendars.com, 2015 Calendar, Calendars by Mail, Yearly CalendarsI did look at the calendar kiosk at the mall to see if they had the calendars that I wanted, but ended up ordering from calendars.com.

Calendars.com, Calendars, Package of Calendars, 2015 CalendarsThe second reason is that it took two days for the calendars to get from the mailman to me. I am not sure exactly why, but they were first in possession of the neighbor on one side of me and then the other side. I checked yesterday to see when they would arrive and found out that they had been delivered on Monday. I checked with one neighbor and found out that they had the package on Monday but had given it to the other on Tuesday.

I finally got the package on Wednesday night and opened it up to make sure I got what I ordered.

National Geographic Eagles Calendar, 2015 Calendar, EaglesIt has been a tradition to get the National Geographic Eagles calendar each year and I hung it in my kitchen this evening.

2015 National Geographic Elephant Calendar, Yearly Calendar, ElephantsI also decided to get the National Geographic Elephants calendar again this year. I really enjoyed it last year. However, instead of hanging it in the kitchen across from the Eagles calendar like last year it is in my bathroom instead of the OSH calendar. I never made it to the hardware store while they were giving out calendars this year.

Barns Calendar, Barn Calendar, 2015 Calendar, Barn in SnowI was looking for a good calendar for Archaeology or Israel to hang in my office, but couldn’t find one that I liked. So, I decided to go with a Barns calendar again.

I really like the picture for January. A nice rustic barn in the snow. I am already enjoying the picture as it is above my computer. This is the calendar that I will see the most of this year.

I also have a Hawaii calendar at work. One of my students sends me one each year.

What calendars did you get this year?



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4 Responses to 2015 Calendars

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    One of beautiful birds, one of beautiful flowers!!!

  2. Sheryl says:

    I have two 2015 calendars–one with lighthouses and one that we made using family pictures.

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