Randy Johnson Rookie Card

This morning in the newspaper I read that Randy Johnson was elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

This was a well deserved honor for Johnson as he was a great pitcher.

Three other players were also elected this year: Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio

Back in 1989 when I lived in Omaha I had a friend who collected baseball cards. At the time I also bought some baseball cards and ended up with a small collection.

Randy Johnson, Rookie Card, Hall of Fame, Pitcher, Score Rookie CardOne of the cards in the collection is a SCORE Rookie Card for Randy Johnson.

Johnson was a rookie in 1989 and pitched for the Montreal Expos.

A lot has changed since that time, including the Expos moving to Washington and becoming the Nationals.

Randy Johnson Rookie Card, Montreal Expos, Hall of Fame, Score Rookie Card, Baseball CardsJohnson went on to play for six different teams, but is best remembered as a Seattle Mariner and Arizona Diamondback.

His list of accomplishments are very long including no hitters in both leagues, five Cy Young awards and second all time in strikeouts behind Nolan Ryan.

Johnson was also one of the tallest players in baseball history.

Randy Johnson is also a local hero as he played for Livermore High School which is in the Tri-Valley area near the office I work in.

So is my baseball card worth anything more now that Randy Johnson has been elected to the Hall of Fame?

I looked to see how much the card was worth. I think I would be lucky to get five dollars for the card. There was a glut of baseball cards printed in the late 80’s and early 90’s including sets by several new card companies including Pinnacle Brands who distributed SCORE. Cards from this era are very common.

I think that the card will stay in my desk drawer along with the rest of the small collection.

Just another of my Baseball Memories.


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One Response to Randy Johnson Rookie Card

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    A shame they are not worth more ..

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