Calendar Day

New Year’s Day is a day to hang my new calendars for the year. Even though I have many electronic options for keeping my calendar I like to have calendars hanging in several places at home. I like to hang calendars that have a large picture that will change each month.

I also like to buy calendars that have meaning and make me think of something throughout the year.

This year I bought two calendars from and three from the bargain rack at Target.

Calendars for the year - Barns - Eagles - Eyes - Lighthouses - Proverbs

For quite some time now I have always bought the National Geographic Eagle calendar. I usually try and find it locally, but have had trouble the last several years finding it so I bought it from this year. I like the Eagle calendar as it reminds me of my time as a Boy Scout and that I am an Eagle Scout. I also really like the look of the Bald Eagle and they bring back memories of when I have seen them in nature.

The Eagles calendar hangs in my kitchen as it has for years.

From I also bought the Barns calendar.

2013 Calendar - Barns - Memories - Amish Barns - Grandparent's Barn - Heartland Barns

I was looking for a calendar on Antarctica or Penguins, but could not find either one. I decided that since I couldn’t find them easily that it was time to find something new for my office. I saw several selections for Barns and they tugged at my memory enough to get me to buy one. I have always liked barns. They also bring back some wonderful memories. The barn on the Ellis farm in Ottumwa where I would watch John milk cows. The barn by my Grandparent’s house near Hamburg. The barn that I helped my dad salvage lumber from in Ottumwa. The many barns that we would see as we drove around the Heartland. My Amish cousin’s barns. So many memories. I even dreamed of renovating and living in a barn when I was young. It is hard to explain some of the memories, jut believe that most of them are good memories :-).

The Barn calendar hangs above my computer in my office.

I bought the Lighthouses calendar from Target.

2013 Calendar - Lighthouses - Beautiful Lighthouses - Award Memories

I have always liked Lighthouses. Maybe because I grew up so far from major bodies of water. They also remind me of a major award that my team at work won about 8 years ago. The trophy for the award is shaped like a lighthouse and when I see lighthouses I am reminded of the hard work that went into our project that won the award.

The Lighthouses calendar is hanging in my bathroom so that I can look at it while getting ready for work and remind myself of the benefits of teamwork.

I also bought the Wild Eyes and Proverbs calendars at Target.

I have not yet decided where the Proverbs calendar will hang, but I hung the Wild Eyes calendar in my kitchen above where I keep my keys. It is the last thing I will see as I head out the door. I like the Wild Eyes calendar for all the wild animals, but also because of the eyes. Since I work mainly with instruments used to diagnose eyes, it was a good fit.

We are studying Proverbs on Wednesday night, so I had Proverbs on my mind while going through the calendar bin at Target. I knew that I only needed four calendars total, but since they were only a dollar I bought an extra one. I am sure I will find a place to put it. I can’t hang it in my library as there is no wall space left.

What calendars did you buy this year? What memories do the images bring back for you?



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6 Responses to Calendar Day

  1. Sheryl says:

    I also like to have a few calendars around. have a “perpetual” calendar that sits in my kitchen. Changing the date each morning is part of my daily routine.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Great stories Steven. I also love seeing barns as we drive down the country roads in Alberta. A lot of farming going on in the prairies here and seems no two are a like. I actually get sad when I see one past it’s prime with hardly any paint left on it. My grandfather never really had a Barn, more of a shed. The tractor barely fit in there and it had a dirt floor. Not too fancy at all.

    I generally get an SPCA calendar as I make a donation to them annually. It’s in my kitchen. They print a big picture for each month and fill in every other day or so with little pictures. The photo’s people submit of their pets that they got at the SPCA or other rescue groups. Everyone has a happy story to tell about their forever home. I love it.

    I also have a plethora of journals and diaries…future post šŸ™‚

  3. Glenda McDougal says:

    My favorite calendar was composed and published by my cousin. She took the pictures from scenes she’d photographed on her trips to Yellowstone, Canada, etc this year. . I love it.

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