2016 Calendars

Today I hung my 2016 Calendars. They are similar to my 2014 and 2015 Calendars, but once I find ones that I like I tend to buy them year after year.

Orchard Hardware, OSH, Calendar, 2016I had not planned on getting an OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) calendar this year, but when I went there to buy a new thermostat I picked one up. I do like the OSH calendars as they have great images of trains. This one is hanging in my bathroom where I usually hang the OSH calendar if I get one.

Ranch 99 Calendar, Kitchen Calendar, Dumplings, 3 Month CalendarI also picked up a free calendar from Ranch Market several weeks ago. This is a beautiful Chinese calendar and is hanging in my kitchen. I am really looking forward to getting some good Shanghai Dumplings in a couple of weeks.

national geographic, Calendars, Elephants, Bald Eagles, BarnsI also ordered three calendars from calendars.com. Each year I first look at the calendar kiosk at the mall and then end up ordering on-line. For many years I have been getting the National Geographic Eagles calendar. This calendar is also hanging in my kitchen right where it has hung for years.

national geographic calendar, Elephants, Elephant calender, Flip DayThe Elephant calendar is hanging in my dining room next to the door to the garage. I had planned on hanging this in the bathroom, but since I got the free OSH calendar I had to find a different place for it to hang.

Barns, Calendar, national geographic calendar, Calendars, FarmFor the past few years I have been getting a barn calendar each year. This American Farm Country calendar is not a “barn” calendar but does have a barn in all but one of the monthly pictures.

What calendars do you have hanging on your walls this year?


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