2014 Calendars

Today I am getting my calendars ready for hanging tomorrow.

This year I have some that are similar to last year. You can see the choices for 2013 here: Calendar Day

2014 Calendars - Happy New Year - Eagles - Barns - Elephants - TrainsI always try to find calendars about something that I like or that have special meaning to me. Having a large picture on the wall that changes every month need to have some thought behind it 🙂

This year I was able to get a calendar from Orchard. Sometimes the timing is not right and I am away when they come out with their calendar.

I always like the train calendar from Orchard. They have wonderful illustrations and since I have always liked trains it is a nice one to have in the bathroom where I get ready for work each day.

One interesting thing is that this year it does not have coupons in it. The calendar usually comes with some nice coupons to use throughout the year. However, it does have a little blurb about their apps that offer coupons.

Calendar - Eagles - National Geographic - 2014 Calendar - Yearly CalendarsMy one yearly calendars that stays the same is the National Geographic Eagles calendar.  This one hangs in my kitchen and has been the same for many years now.

When calendars first start appearing in the stores I start looking for it. I want to buy locally if I can. However, I have not been able to find it for the last two years now and ended up having to buy it on-line from calenders.com

The Eagles calendar reminds me of being an Eagle Scout and also seeing them in person. They are so majestic.

National Geographic Elephants Calendar - 2014 Calendar - Elephants - Calendar DaySome of my readers know that I have a large collection of Elephant figures, plus a few other Elephant items. I have not written much about them, but maybe this calendar will inspire me.

This National Geographic Elephants calendar was sent to me by my older sister. She knows that I like them 🙂

This will join the Eagles calendar on the opposite wall of the kitchen.

Barns Calendar - 2014 Barns - Calendar Day - memories - Agriculture - Red BarnsIf you have been following my blog then you know that I like barns. My post for 2013 Calendars has some of my memories of barns.

I also have some new friends who have a beautiful old barn that I have taken quite a few pictures of this year. You will have seen some of them in my posts.

A Wedding at the Barn

A Night at the Barn


I also have some new pictures of the barn that I will be sharing soon.

I may look for one more calendar. I am thinking that I may still need to have a lighthouse calendar hanging somewhere.

I also think about what pictures I would use to make a calendar of my own. Which of my pictures would I use? Maybe someday.


Ankerstein - Anker Building - Anker Church - Blocks


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