Amish States and Provinces

Do you know where the Amish live in the US and Canada?

They probably live in more areas that you realize.

Many people think of the Amish living in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, and these states do have the largest populations of Amish.

Since I have Amish ancestry I have done a lot of research into where they have lived.

Where Amish Live, 2019, Amish States, Amish SettlementsThere are currently Amish settlements in 31 states.

Amish Settlements 2013, Amish States, Where Amish LiveI first created this map back in 2013 for my post Amish States. You can see that the only change is the addition of Vermont.

Historic Amish Settlement map, Amish, States

There are also eight states where Amish have lived in the past, but where they no longer have settlements. I have written about settlements in three of those states.


Amish in California?

Amish in Oregon?

Amish in New Orleans?

Amish Canada, Amish Provences, Amish SettlementsThere are also Amish in four provinces of Canada. The most recent province where Amish have settled is Manitoba.

See: Amish Provinces

The Amish continue to look for new places to settle as their population rapidly increases, and I would not be surprised to see a few more states or provinces added to the map in the next years.

Do you live near an Amish settlement?


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