Tonight I will be sharing a few pictures that will give an impression of Sundown.

Sundown, that time of night when everything fades into shadows and our perception blurs. You will see the same in the pictures here.

Sundown, silhouettes, shadows, sunset, treesI will start with a picture taken as I was leaving my friends’ house for church services. The sun is setting in the west and you have some nice silhouettes.

Sunset, California, Patterson Hills, California sunsetOn the way to our meeting place I had to stop and wait for cross traffic. Since I was headed west I had the perfect opportunity to take a picture of the Patterson Hills. The sky was starting to fill with color.

Moon Rising, Sundown, Farm Buildings, Full MoonAs I turned the corner I took a quick snapshot back to the east to try and capture the full moon rising. A bit blurry and indistinct, but indicative of the time of day.

Full Moon, Silhouette, SundownOnce I got to the parking lot I decided to take a few more pictures of the full moon rising above the neighboring buildings. The moon was partially obscured by clouds so it was hard to focus on the moon. Instead I got another blurry shot that gives a feel for the cool winter evening.

Full Moon, Silhouette, Power Lines, Winter EveningI like this shot as you can see the clouds that are partially obscuring the moon. I also like the silhouette of the power lines bisecting the moon.

I hope that the pictures give the feel of a winter sundown.


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  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    Like them …

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