Gift Exchange

Tonight I went to a holiday party and gift exchange with some of my closest friends. We had a great time together and just like last year (12 Days) we had a lot of fun.

Cherry Pepper Sauce, Cream Cheese, Crackers, Steward and Jasper OrchardsHere is the dish that I brought to share. This is really easy to put together. It is a bar of cream cheese and Cherry Pepper Sauce from Stewart and Jasper Orchards. Find a pretty plate, place it on top of a charger and spread the crackers around the edge. Of course, I could have done a better job with the placement of the crackers but I knew that it wouldn’t matter after a few minutes 🙂

See my post Finger Foods for another sauce option for this.

Cool Party Food, cabbage bowl, Unique Serving Bowl, Crackers, DipThis was a really cool dish. I really like this idea. Hollow out a head of cabbage and fill it with dip for the crackers. The dip was really nice.

Gift Exchange, Fun Gift, Obsolete Technology, LP, Vinyl, VHS Tape, Cassette TapesI had been thinking about what to bring to the gift exchange. I needed something in the 10 dollar range. I had my mind all set on just browsing through Target and finding something interesting. However, when I stopped at the library earlier today I had an inspiration.

I always check the books at the book sale and decided to check and see if I could find an interesting book for a gift. Instead I found myself looking through the records and found a nice album of Christmas Hits. I then found a couple of cassette tapes and a movie on VHS. I chose Home Alone for the movie.

This all came together with a theme of obsolete technology and memories of gifts received through the years. We had a wide range of ages in our group and I was sure that some would remember getting records for Christmas, others would remember getting cassette tapes and movies on VHS.

Of course, not everyone would have the equipment to play the items, so I also threw in a 10 dollar gift card from Target.

Gift Memories, Comics Wrapping Paper, Gag Gift, Large Packaging, Small GiftHere are the items all wrapped up and ready to go into the gift bag. I also put a little thought into the way I wrapped them. I have memories of giving gifts to my siblings that were wrapped in newspaper or pages from the comics.

We would also wrap up small things and put them in large boxes, so I found a large bag and filled it up with wadded up newspaper and then dropped in the gifts.

You may wonder where the gift card is in the picture above. I tucked it inside one of the cassette tape boxes. It was the true gift and as small as it was it came in a large package. I had to tell the person who opened the gift that they needed to keep looking after they had unwrapped everything.

Gift Exchange, Drawing numbers, Stealing Gifts, Gag GiftsHere you can see the gift I brought at the end of a table that was holding some of the other gifts in the exchange. A nice big package for a small gift card.

After singing some carols, including the 12 Days of Christmas, we got down to business and drew numbers for the order of the gift exchange.

I drew number 18, so had a long time to wait until my turn came to choose a gift. The gift I brought was taken early on and was stolen from the original person who chose it. The first gift I chose ended up being stolen from me, but I ended up with a DVD of a Christmas movie which was better than the socks I originally opened.

I brought old audio/visual technology and ended up with new 🙂

Santa Claus, Santa, Red Hat, White Beard, Gift ExchangeSanta was also there, but looking a bit casual without his big red coat.



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5 Responses to Gift Exchange

  1. I really liked this post! It sounds like you have a great tradition going. The photo of the gifts is excellent. Nostalgia Reigns!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Ingenuity at it’s best …

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