Happy Holidays 2014

Here is your Happy Holidays card from Braman’s Wanderings.

Happy Holidays, Holiday Card, 2014, Merry ChristmasThe picture in the card was taken by my colleague Kazuya while I was in our Tokyo office last week. He handed me the small Christmas tree and had me pose for a picture. I think it is the best picture of me this holiday season, so thought I would share it.

I looked back at my Happy Holidays 2013 post and will share the links from it as well as add a few new ones. You can also compare the picture from this year with the one from last year.

A Christmas CarolRoberta Paflin - Old Scrooge sat in his Countinghouse - A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

O Little Town

Three Wise Men?

Christmas at a Grand Hotel

Dickens Christmas

12 Days

Gift Exchange

Nativity Scene Posts:

Olive Wood ElephantOlive Wood Nativity Scene, Kado Store, Bethlehem

Anker Nativity I

Anker Nativity 2

Anker Nativity 3

Olive Wood Nativity Sets

Holiday Card Posts:

Classic Christmas CardsSnow Scene, Village in Snow, Country Snow Scene, Little Village church

Classic Holiday Cards

Classic Candle Cards

First Day of Winter

Three Snow Scenes

Happy Holidays

Peace on Earth - 1957 - Scrapbook - A Saviour has been born to you - Good Will to MenHere is one more link to close out the post: Peace on Earth

I hope that we have a more peaceful year next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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2 Responses to Happy Holidays 2014

  1. Uncle Spike says:

    Enjoy your special time 🙂

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