Gift Exchange III

Tonight was the annual Gift Exchange with some of my best friends. See also: Gift Exchange II

My task earlier today was to gather the last items for the appetizer that I took and also to find a gift for the exchange.

I already had in mind what I wanted to take, so a trip to World Market was in order.

World Market, Bronco Bob's, Cranberry Chipolte SauceI had to get a bottle of Cranberry Chipolte Sauce, you will see why later in the post.

Cooking Spoon Holder, Mason Jar, World Market, ceramicFor my gift to take I wanted to find something interesting along the lines of what I took last year (Gift Exchange II). I found this really neat ceramic spoon rest with a Mason jar theme.

Salt and Pepper Shakers, Mason Jar, World MarketSince the spoon rest was well below the gift limit I also bought a set of Mason jar Salt and Pepper shakers. I guess I should have taken them out of the box for the picture 🙂 Or at least taken the plastic off. In any case, you get the idea.

Cranberry Chipolte, Cream cheese, Appetizer, finger food, crackersWhen I arrived at the party tonight I assembled my appetizer. At the base is a charger. A colorful plate is placed in the recess of the charger and crackers are placed around the plate. Then a block of cream cheese is placed on the plate and the Cranberry Chipolte Sauce is poured over the cream cheese. Quick and easy and oh so good.

There were many other wonderful goodies to eat and I may just have to write another finger foods post later.

The gift exchange went well. We had a lot of fun selecting or stealing gifts. A set of bungee cords changed hands many times as well as a few other gifts.

I was lucky, I ended up with another great music CD from Harding University.

Santa Claus, Triplets, Christmas FunAfter the food and before the gift exchange we sang some Christmas carols. We had a lot of fun, especially singing The Twelve Days of Christmas. We divide up in groups and each group sings the line for each day. It is a lot of fun, especially since new members of the group are assigned Five Golden Rings.

I have friend that have triplets, during the singing I held one triplet and later had my lap and hands full with all three.

All together a wonderful evening with friends.


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