Surprise BBQ

When I got to church services this morning one of the ladies told me that we were going to have a surprise birthday party for one of our friends.

We were all to leave quickly after services and go to Apricot Wood BBQ and hide in the upstairs dining room. I was all in for the surprise as this is one of my favorite restaurants in Patterson.

Our friend was very surprised to see all of us there and the bigger surprise was yet to come.

But first, the food.

Sweet Potato Fries, BBQ, Apricot Wood BBQ, PattersonI decided to go for my usual. The waitress even knew what my usual was. Am I too predictable?

Pork Shoulder BBQ, Apricot Wood BBQ, PattersonI had the Pork Shoulder plate as I really like their pulled pork. I ordered it with the Sweet Potato fries and cornbread.

BBQ, Cornbread, Apricot Wood BBQ, Patterson, CaliforniaDoesn’t this cornbread look really good?

California Gold BBQ Sauce, Mustard BBQ Sauce, Apricot Wood BBQI also had to have some California Gold BBQ sauce. I really like this BBQ sauce which has a nice mustard taste. For more about the sauces at Apricot Wood BBQ, look at my post: BBQ and a Sunset

Pork Shoulder BBQ, Apricot Wood BBQ, Pork and Sweet Potato FriesHow about one more look at the pork and the sweet potato fries. They have made changes to their sweet potato fries over time and I really like the new version. They have a nice texture and are loaded with taste.

We all had a great time at the surprise party, especially my friend who had the birthday. Her husband let her know that they were booked for a tour of England, Scotland and Wales next year. She was so excited.

Back to packing. I am applying The Packing Formula for my next trip. You will find out where very soon.




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2 Responses to Surprise BBQ

  1. The pork looks good, we don’t have corn bread on our menus over here!

  2. Glenda McDougal says:

    Yummy …

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