Brady Bunch Memories III

This month I have been watching the episodes of A Very Brady Renovation.

Brady Bunch House, Brady Rennovation, Sitcom, Brady BunchTonight was the final episode and they unveiled the last rooms of the house. They did a very good job of recreating the inside of the house.

Of course, next week there is a behind the scenes episode and later this year a Christmas episode. A never ending cycle of Brady Bunch sequels 🙂

Watching the show brought back even more Brady Bunch Memories, especially as some of them tied into memories of my own.

Brady Bunch Renovation, Green chairs, kitchenI thought of this picture while watching the show last week. They were trying to recreate the color of the chairs in the Brady Bunch kitchen. They were a green color that was similar to a set of green chairs that we had. I remember painting them when we lived in Iowa and we took them with us to Kansas. In the picture above you can see one of the chairs.

I think anyone who ever saw the Brady Bunch will remember that green and orange kitchen.

1968 Station Wagon, Ford Station Wagon, Ottumwa, IowaIn the show tonight they showed the Brady station wagon and it brought back memories of our station wagon.

Ottumwa, Iowa, Falcon, Station Wagon, MemoriesI have a lot of memories of that old Falcon station wagon.

First Day of School, Ottumwa Iowa, Douma Grade School, Traffic Guard, Niagra Falls WindowI also remembered dressing like the Brady kids. Brady Bunch - Bobby and Cindy - Growing up Brady - 1970's PicturesThe show also made me think of my friend Cindy who I went to Grade School with.

Lots of memories……




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1 Response to Brady Bunch Memories III

  1. As a girl after. school no homework my time to relax was watching the Brady bunch. We didn’t have the best of things so the house the Brady family lived in was nice to see. Also blended family members getting along yet showing common life.

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