Brady Bunch Memories II

This past week I have been thinking about The Brady Bunch.

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Over the past few days members of the cast have been on Food Network as judges of Chopped and have also appeared on Worst Cooks in America.

Of course, this was all as promotions for the new HGTV series that premiered this evening.

Tonight was the first episode of A Very Brady Renovation.

Brady Bunch House, Brady Rennovation, Sitcom, Brady BunchMany do not realize that the house was only used for exterior shots. The show was of course filmed in a studio.

A Very Brady Renovation is about turning the original house into what was seen on TV.

In the first episode tonight it showed how different the the house looked and what will be needed to turn it into the house from the TV show.

The living room and dining room were unveiled at the end of the first episode, and they did a very good job in replicating the spaces.

The actors who played the six kids are all on the show and helping figure things out to make sure that everything looks authentic.

There will be four more episodes, and I am looking forward to watching the transformation.Brady Bunch Years, Bobby Brady, Cindy BradyI always have enjoyed watching The Brady Bunch. Our family grew up without TV, but we would occasionally get to watch the show when visiting friends.

Now when I watch the show I have memories of growing up in the Brady years.

I could share pictures of my older sister dressed in outfits that Marcia and Jan would wear, but will be nice to her.

The picture above comes from one of my grade school class pictures. Here I am with my friend Cindy. Don’t we look like we could fill in for Bobby and Cindy on the show?

Brady Bunch, Bobby and Cindy, Celebrity Look AlikeHere is another picture of us together. Can you see why watching The Brady Bunch brings back memories?

Perhaps the reason that I look a bit like Bobby is that Michael Lookinland and I share some colonial ancestors. However you have to go back to the 1600’s for the connection so probably not.

Who was your favorite Brady?




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