Nerd Party

Have you ever been to a Nerd Party?

Think Halloween costume party, but with a nerdy twist.

Years ago I was invited to a Nerd Party in Missouri. I think enough time has passed to share a few pictures from it. The participants will remain anonymous, unless someone comments 😉

This was long before The Big Bang Theory. I am sure that if a Nerd Party was held today that someone would come dressed as Sheldon and Amy. Last year I went to a Costume Party where there was a couple dressed as Sheldon and Amy.

Nerd Party - Pocket Protector - Brainman engineering - costume party - Halloween

Here is what got my mind wandering toward the Nerd Party. While working on The Case of the Missing Book, I ran across this pocket protector that I wore as part of my costume for the Nerd Party.

I should have taken a picture instead of just putting it on the glass of the scanner. The quality of the pictures are not the best, but they were taken long ago and in a dimly lit gymnasium.

Nerd Party - Costume Party - Nerd Costume - Kid Costumes - Halloween Party

We had a bunch of kids at the party and they had some really cool costumes. What a bunch of nerds.

Nerd Party - Costume Party - Star Trek Costumes - Halloween Costumes

I decided to extract out the four brothers who were wearing Star Trek costumes. I have already sent the picture to the oldest 🙂

Nerd Party Costumes - Nerds - Father and Son Nerds - Halloween Costume Party

Here we have a picture of a nerd instructing his son on how to be a better nerd. It is also a good segue to the next picture.

Nerd Party - Costume Party - Nerds - Halloween Costume Party - Halloween Alternative

Here we have a picture with most of the men who were at the party. I look really short in this picture, and I am only a little more than an inch shy of six feet tall. I just had a lot of tall friends.

To the right of me in the picture (my left) is the father of the four brothers who were wearing Star Trek uniforms. They had a family theme going.

I also have a picture of the women in their costumes, but know better than to post it. I might get hunted down.

Keep an eye out for my post tomorrow. I will be writing another post about Reformation Day.


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6 Responses to Nerd Party

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    LOL, Yep nerd city…looks fun, and oh yes, pocket protector…Nerdville

  2. Oh, yeah, definitely looks like fun!

  3. Hey, some of my best friends (and all of my family) are nerds! And didn’t I see a few geeks sneaking in there, too?

  4. Glenda McDougal says:

    loved this topic 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the memories!!

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