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Flora and Fauna IV – Mexico

Here is the latest addition to my Flora and Fauna series. Although these posts have not been the most popular, I like to make them as I can use some of my favorite pictures.

I really like pictures that combine flora and fauna. Most of them seem to be flowers and bugs, as is the case today.

These pictures were all taken while I was at Cuicuilco in Mexico City.

Yellow Flower - Seed Pods - Little Bee - Cuicuilco - Nature - Flora and Fauna

You have to look closely to find the bee in this picture. It is at the bottom edge of the bloom. However, I couldn’t force myself to crop off the surrounding seed pods in this picture just to show off the bee.

This flower was near the entrance of the Cuicuilco archaeological site and was the first of many flower pictures I would take at the site.

Bee and Flower - Orange Flower - Cuicuilco Archaelogical Site - Round Pyramid - Mexico City - Flora and Fauna

In this picture the bee has great camouflage as it is about the same color as the petals of the flower. However, you can clearly see the bee in the center of the flower.

This one reminds me of a picture that I used in Flora and Fauna II.

Little Bug - Flower Center - Purple Flower - Flora and Fauna - Mexico City Flower - Yellow Flower Center

The bug in this picture is very small, but is crawling across a beautiful flower center. I really like the contrast between the yellow of the center and the purple color of the petals.

Orange Flower - Cactus - Cuicuilco - Mexico City - Flora and Fauna

Here is another beautiful orange flower with a yellow center. In this one there are two bugs crawling through the center of the flower. One is a little easier to see and the other is mostly hidden.

I like the cactus pears that are just below the flower. I have a few more pictures of cactus pears and they just might be the subject of a future post.

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Which of the posts in the series is your favorite?


Queen’s Birthday?

Tonight was one of those nights when I really didn’t have an idea wandering through my head for a post.

So, I looked at the calendar for inspiration. The square for September 30 had Queen’s Birthday (W AUS). I wondered why the Queen’s Birthday was only celebrated in Western Australia on September 30.

Queen Elizabeth II - Queen's Baby Picture - Elizabeth II as baby - Princess Elizabeth

I looked up birthday of Queen Elizabeth II and found that it was on April 21. Why is it being celebrated on September 30 in Western Australia?

I then found out that the Queen’s Birthday is not celebrated on the same day in all the countries of the Commonwealth. The celebration of the Queen’s Birthday ( or King’s)  is not based on the actual date of birth of the reigning monarch, but is usually in late May or June.

First, here are a few more pictures of Queen Elizabeth and then I will reveal why the celebration date is different in Western Australia.

Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Phillip - Queen's Birthday - Western Australia - Royal Couple

My Grandma’s scrapbooks have several images of Queen Elizabeth II in them. This picture of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip is from the time of the Canadian Royal Tour of 1959.

The baby picture shown at the beginning of the post was used in my post: A Little Prince

Queen Elizabeth II - Prince Philip - Formal Wear - Queen's Birthday - Western Australia

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip look quite elegant in formal wear. An interesting contrast to the earlier picture where they appear in royal dress.

I found out that for most of Australia the date for the Queen’s Birthday is the second Monday in June. In Western Australia, they celebrate the founding of their state on the first Monday of June, so they moved the celebration of the Queen’s Birthday to September or October. This is nice for them as they get an extra holiday.

You never know what you might learn by looking up the different holidays that are noted on your calendar.