I will be wandering to Missouri next weekend and am already thinking about one of the places that I want to stop at.

Do you have an eating place that you like to go to when you visit a certain place?

I have many of these places around the US and the World. That one little place that you don’t want to miss going to when you visit somewhere.

In this case, it is a drive-in that specializes in ice cream, but also has other snack items.

Zesto drive-in - Jefferson City, Missouri - Banana Shake - Snack Food - Ice Cream

The place in question is Zesto Drive-In located in Jefferson City, Missouri.

There are Zesto Drive-Ins located in about a dozen cities spread across the country today, but they are all independent and just license the trademark. They are mainly remnants of when Zesto Drive-In was a franchise operated by Taylor Freeze Corporation.

The Zesto Drive-In pictured here in Jefferson City opened in 1945 and was most likely the first one. It is definitely the one that has been open the longest.

Zesto drive-in - Jefferson City, Missouri - Banana Shake - Snack Food - Ice Cream - Memories - 1940's - Franchise

Of course, my memories do not reach back that far. They do however reach back to the mid 70’s when we went to Jefferson City for my Uncle’s wedding. I can vividly remember going to the little ice-cream place called Zesto. At that time it was in a much smaller building.

Then through the early 80’s I would look forward to going to camp in Missouri. We would always stop and visit my Uncle and go to Zesto. In the 90’s more of my family moved to the Jefferson City area and there were more reasons to visit. I also discovered that the banana shakes were the best thing to get at Zesto.

I also lived near Jefferson City for a few months in the early 90’s and would always have to make a stop for my banana shake when I was in the city.

This weekend I plan on making at least one stop there and getting a banana shake. Perhaps I can talk my sister into stopping there on the way to my parents’ house. It is on the way, and I know that she likes the banana shakes too.

What is your special little place that you have to visit when you travel?


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8 Responses to Zesto

  1. Elle Knowles says:

    Have to stop at Middendorfs near Manchac, LA for the best fried catfish ever on my way to Louisiana from Florida. Sometimes we stop on the way back too!

  2. It’s a date Steve! We will stop and get banana shakes! Yes we will . . . Sis

  3. The Big J in Preston, Idaho (of Napoleon Dynamite fame) where I get fresh raspberry shakes and “tots” (shredded potatoes molded into individual hash-browned-like bites). Also, when we lived in Hollywood, for years we ate Christmas breakfast at Mel’s Diner (of American Graffiti fame).

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