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Grandpa or Grandma?

Tonight I am thinking about my Grandpa and Grandma.

Grandpa and Grandma - Ancestors - Older couple - White Beard - Old Glasses

I have written a post about each of them, and will often link back to them. Which post do you think has been visited more?

Grandpa - Photo Booth Picture - Photomaton - 1930's Photo Booth Picture - Old-time PhotographyRemembering Grandpa


Grandma - Photo Booth Picture - 1930's Photo Booth Pictures - Old-Time PhotographyRemembering Grandma

You will not see these two pictures if you click on the links. Instead, you will see a few of my memories of them and other pictures.

If you want to find out more about the two pictures above, you should click on Old-Time Photography III. There is an interesting story behind the two pictures.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you know that I often post items from my Grandma’s scrapbooks. I sometimes include a link back to the Remembering Grandma post when I use something from her scrapbooks.

I have not linked back to the Remembering Grandpa post as often, but one post where I did was Irish Heritage.

One of the interesting things about blogging, is that you are able to look at stats to see which posts have been visited the most.

Which do you think has been visited more often?

Is my Grandpa or Grandma more popular?

Hmm, will this post change the ratio of post visits between the two?

I have just jotted down the number of current visits to each post on a piece of paper. Maybe after a couple days I will answer the questions for you 🙂


Canadian Royal Tour

In my recent post, A Little Prince, I mentioned that my Grandma liked to save clippings about the Royal Family.

I thought of this one today after hearing in the news about the latest Obama family vacation.

Royal Toy or Ship of State - HMY Britannia - Royal Yaught - 1959 Royal Tour of Canada - Queen Elizabeth

My grandma kept a couple clippings from the 1959 Royal Tour of Canada. I really like the caption for this picture:

Royal toy or ship of state? The Britannia is half as long as the Queen liners. Weekly operating cost: $11,000. Some Britons wonder if she’s worth the upkeep.

Remember this is 1959 when you think that $11,000 is not very much to operate a large yacht for a week. Can you imagine how much the cost would be today? I read in an article today that it will cost $210,000 each way to fly the President between Washington and Martha’s Vineyard for vacation.

Floating Palace - HMY Britannia - Royal Yaught - 1959 Royal Tour of Canada - Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip took a six week tour of Canada in 1959. One of the first things that they did was participate in the opening ceremonies for the St. Lawrence seaway. President Eisenhower joined them for the ceremonies which were held near Montreal. With the opening of the seaway, the Queen was able to sail in the HMY Britannia all the way to Chicago.

HMY Britannia - Royal Yaught - 1959 Royal Tour of Canada - Queen Elizabeth

After a visit to Chicago the Queen traveled through a large portion of Canada visiting her subjects. She made it as far as Dawson which is almost to the Alaskan border.

I did a little bit of research about the HMY Britannia. Her Majesties Yacht was decommissioned in 1997 and has not been replaced. The yacht had steamed more than one million miles. The yacht was taken on many trips, including several missions of mercy.

One of the most memorable cruises of the HMY Britannia was for the honeymoon of Charles and Dianna in 1981.

You can visit the yacht today if you go to Edinburgh. The HMY Britannia is now an exhibition ship.

I have a few Canadians that follow my blog, Do you have memories of other visits by Queen Elizabeth?